History of Philadelphia radio station 860 WWDB (Beasley Broadcast Group)

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    1. Posted at 7:43 PM on 6/15/2009 by Alan Campbell:
    http://racampbell.tripod.com/broadcastingphotoalbum/id20.html WTEL was a daytime 250watt foreign language station for many years

    2. Posted at 2:45 AM on 4/2/2012 by Algier Bigger:
    I wish I can listen to smooth jazz all over again because smooth jazz is less funk more relaxing & low mellow for the hard rock music plays on the radio these days.

    3. Posted at 6:31 PM on 10/22/2012 by Hank:
    I seem to remember in the 60's & 70's hearing German Language BC on this Freq. from Phila.

    4. Posted at 12:18 AM on 12/17/2015 by CHRISTOPHER HAGEE:
    I remember well some 35 or so yrs. back listening to 860 AM, Phila., Penna. when they began/ended their bcst. days back then they were playing 2 versions of the "Star-Spangled Banner" (the U.S. National Anthem. For its sign-offs they played in instrumental version and for its sign-ons back in the late-1970s/early-1980s they played a vocal lyric version feat. brass ensemble, an organ and a lady with a gorgeous singing voice singing the anthem. It would be good if that vocal lyric version of our National Anthem that 860 AM, Phila., Penna. used for its sign-ons back then could be posted so I could hear it again, just as I did over 3 decades back.

    5. Posted at 12:04 AM on 7/10/2016 by David:
    WWDB (the current incarnation thereof at 860 AM) was--as Alan Campbell posted above--foreign language-formatted WTEL for most of its history. In late 2014, WIP-AM, then as now a sports station, was assigned the call letters WTEL (thus taking the call letters out of retirement) due to an ownership swap.

    6. Posted at 5:55 PM on 12/11/2020 by Vinnie:
    860AM was and still is a daytimer and has throughout its history, it was for a good chunk of its daily broadcast time a spanish formatted outlet. They had some catchy type jingles i can fondly recall as a kid with a brass band in the background, anyone remember that?

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