History of Philadelphia radio station 1480 WUBA (iHeartMedia)

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    1. Posted at 2:59 PM on 2/20/2013 by David:
    WUBA, which was WDAS (AM) for most of its history, most of that time as an R&B station (and from 1988 to 2007, a black gospel station), went from being Spanish WUBA aka "Rumba 1480" (the former "Rumba 104.5") back to WDAS on November 22, 2011. Upon doing so, it returned to its African-American music roots with a stunt of an all-R&B Christmas-music format both immediately prior to and during the Christmas season (a sort of counterpart to what adult contemporary stations have been doing with Christmas pop music since and in response to 9/11). On December 27th, the R&B Christmas music was replaced with its current Urban Oldies format(most if not all of which is '60s and '70's soul and '80's R&B).

    2. Posted at 9:35 PM on 1/18/2014 by David :
    In June 2013, WDAS jettisoned its R&B oldies format in favor of Smooth Jazz, thus restoring same to the Philly radio dial for the first time in more than half a decade. The station has even dubbed itself "Smooth Jazz JJZ" (after the former WJJZ ("Smooth Jazz 106.1 [later "Smooth Jazz 97.5," the latter licensed to Burlington, NJ]]).

    3. Posted at 11:09 AM on 1/5/2018 by Fred Webster:
    who was Kerny Anderson ? And what was his relationship with WDAS radio station?

    4. Posted at 9:42 PM on 12/15/2018 by David:
    @Fred Webster (1/5/2018 @11:09 AM "(W)ho was Kerny Anderson ? And what was his relationship with WDAS radio station?" If you mean Cody Anderson, he was either the VP/GM or OM of WDAS-AM and/or -FM in the '70's and/or '80's. And IIRC, he also worked in that same capacity at WHAT during the tail end or so of the latter's (black-oriented version of the) Nostalgia format and/or the beginning of its black-oriented talk format in the very-early '90's.

    5. Posted at 11:58 PM on 12/15/2018 by David:
    In September 2017, WDAS-AM discontinued its Smooth Jazz format after less than four-and-a-half years in favor of a hybrid Variety Hits (aka Adult Hits (the JACK FM franchise is one example, WBEN-"95-7 Ben FM"-is another)/health features format called "Breakthrough Radio." This format is the result of a partnership between iHeart Radio (owner of both WDAS radio stations since 2000 [when it was known as Clear Channel Communications ]) and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

    6. Posted at 7:35 PM on 5/18/2019 by A.C.E.:
    Rd: comments 3&4. W. Cody Anderson was indeed GM at DAS as stated by David. Kernie Anderson became GM at DAS after Cody left. I worked as an engineer at DAS during this time. Every couple of months, some of us "Old Timers" get together for lunch. If any other DAS staff wants to join us get in touch with Al E. Gator

    7. Posted at 6:17 PM on 4/19/2021 by David:
    On 8/26/2019, WDAS (AM) became the Philadelphia affiliate of Fox Sports Radio. However, this is a sports radio station with a twist: it features a local sports-betting-oriented talk format, the first sports radio station of its kind. Fox Sports The Gambler, as WDAS-AM is now known on-air, also features network talk shows from Fox Sports Radio—including, ironically, the sports-betting show “Straight Outta Vegas”. WDAS-AM is now also the radio home of Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union team.

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