History of Philadelphia radio station 105.3 WDAS (Clear Channel)

  • WDAS History

    WDAS-FM went on the air in 1959 as the sister station to 1480 AM owned by Max Leon. The varied format included combinations of Jazz and Classical music, with occasional simulcasting of WDAS-AM. Some of the early personalities on WDAS-FM included Del Shields and his "Modern Music" show, Kal Rudman playing folk music, and Chris Albertson with tapes of "rarely recorded New Orleans artists."1

    Progressive Rock

    WDAS Underground 1968

    In the spring of 1968, the station switched to a progressive rock format under the direction of Hy Lit, who had just left a long stint at WIBG. Known as the "Hyski Underground," the station played mainly album cuts and included DJs Michael Tearson, Ed Sciaky, Gene Shay, Larry Magid, T. Morgan, Wayne Joel, Steve Marko, Rod Carson and the owner's son, Steve Leon, who called himself "My Father's Son" on the air.

    Rival WMMR-FM switched to a progressive format around the same time and started pulling in listeners from WDAS. Eventually, the station's programming was turned over to Steve Leon by his father Max with the promise of complete freedom of speech and music. The promise did not last long. On March 5, 1971, the FCC (supposedly under the influence of the Nixon administration) issued a public notice that warned broadcasters against playing songs "tending to promote or glorify the use of illegal drugs."2

    Max Leon and his son-in-law, GM Robert Klein ordered all "dope songs" off the station. 28 year-old Steve fought against this ruling, and in an infamous altercation was taken off the air and fired by his brother-in-law while playing Arlo Guthrie's song about marijuana "Comin' Into Los Angeles." The next day, the station launched a "progressive soul" format.3

    Inventing A Format

    This format evolved into the Urban Contemporary format for which the station is still widely known today. The playlist included R&B, soul and funk, with songs that became classics of the genre. The success of this format at WDAS coincided with the popularity of the "Philadelphia Sound" made famous by Philadelphia International Records with artists such as Teddy Pendergrass, Patti LaBelle, The O'Jays and the Sylistics. As disco and rap became popular, they too were added to the playlist.

    In 1979, WDAS was sold to the black-owned Unity Broadcasting Network for $5 million. By 1982, the station found itself in competition with Power 99 (WUSL), and moved even further towards the Urban Adult Contemporary format, eliminating rap and disco from their playlist. The station also strengthened its community involvement and public affairs programming aimed at the African American community. Despite these efforts, WUSL continued to win the urban ratings race. In 1989, WDAS hired Kernie Anderson, who improved the station's ratings by targeting a somewhat older demographic (the parents of the teens who listened to Power 99) with lots of ballads and 70s and 80s hits from artists like Earth Wind & Fire and Marvin Gaye.

    In 1994, WDAS was sold to Beasley Broadcasting and moved into a new building on City Avenue in Bala Cynwyd. In 1996, it was sold to Evergreen Media for $103 million. After a series of mergers, WDAS is now owned by Clear Channel Communications, and continues with the urban adult contemporary format as one of Philadelphia's legendary radio stations.

    Joseph "Butterball" Tamburro

    Joe Tamburro has been an integral part of Philadelphia radio since he landed a sales job at WDAS in 1964. He quickly became a DJ at the station where he put his lifelong love of soul music and R&B to work. In an industry not known for longevity, Tamburro managed to hold the Program Director's title at WDAS for over 30 years. In May 2001, he was named WDAS VP and General Manager. He has received numerous awards in the music and radio industry for his contributions to both the business and the community.4

    Unity Day

    WDAS held the first Unity day in 1978 on the Belmont Plateau. This keystone Philadelphia event celebrates family values, pride, multiculturalism and empowerment with music, food, games and activities. The first event drew 20,000 but since then attendance has grown into the hundreds of thousands. The venue was later moved to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway where the 30th annual event was held on August 23 – 24, 2008. In June, 2009, Clear Channel Communications, owners of WDAS, ceased to sponsor the event. "Unity Day on the Parkway, Inc." a group of concerned citizens, is now the official sponsor of the event.

    Billboard Magazine, various issues, 1961 - 1968
    Sirius, R. U. Everybody Must Get Stoned , Citadel Press, 2009, p. 104
    Fong-Torres, Ben One Toke Behind the Line, Rolling Stone, 4/15/71
    Air Awards, 1997

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    Comments? Corrections? Worked there? Please let us know!

    1. Posted at 10:20 PM on 1/20/2010 by Joanne Thompson:
    Love WDAS, Georgie Woods had an album called Georgie Woods and his Girls, i would love to have a copy can you tell me where i can purchase one i won it off of the radio thanks jt

    2. Posted at 4:20 PM on 3/29/2010 by Ansel Coombs:
    back in the mid seventies a band from Trinidad named Kalyan had a hit song on WDAS ,the name of the sound was disco reggae,could you please tell me the year and how long did the song stay at no 1 ? thanks.

    3. Posted at 7:44 PM on 3/30/2010 by Kim Holloway:
    Can you please tell me when talk show host Elbridge Holloway was on the air with WDAS AM. Thank you

    4. Posted at 6:44 PM on 4/4/2010 by Guy M. Johnson:
    I would like to know where I can find old air checks from WDAS (60-70's)

    5. Posted at 8:25 PM on 4/28/2010 by Liz Marshall:
    Back in the '70 there was a song played regularly on the air. The lyrics spoke of GOD creating the world. It went something like "rised his hands and said, let there be sunshine, let there be peace, let there me happiness" What is the name of the song and who sang it.

    6. Posted at 9:21 PM on 5/11/2010 by Victor Bains Marshall:
    I would like to know where I can get "Butterball" airchecks from WDAS (mid to late '60's)

    7. Posted at 9:08 PM on 8/10/2010 by Stephen Leon:
    All I know is Jay Mark, Rod Carson, Mike Tearson, Gene Shay, Wayne Joel and I are still with us, Ed Sciaky passed away. God Bless President Barack Obama and the Democrats. Remember in November who put us into dodo and who is getting us out. Peace

    8. Posted at 11:10 AM on 9/2/2010 by Sherman Powell:
    Could you please tell me if any of Butterball's yearly countdown of the 105 greatest oldies has ever been recorded to cd and if so how can I get a copy of them? I am especially interested in his countdowns from the 80's. Also, was the album "Love 1000" by Jimmy Bishop and Butterball ever put on cd. If so, how can I obtain a copy of it? Thank you.

    9. Posted at 7:05 PM on 9/3/2010 by william t. smith:
    what is the name of the background music tony brown has been playing since i was a teenager i love it i know it maybe by tsop.

    10. Posted at 3:25 PM on 9/18/2010 by Ken:
    Who was the guy who made the last comments of the day and at the end of each comment he would end with " The key to the bible is built within"

    11. Posted at 10:05 AM on 9/22/2010 by J. Scott:
    I am looking for the correct title of a song sung by Chaka Chan with the words "I want you, Ineed you" in it. It is an up beat song i am looking for to use in my aerobics class. It is played almost every Sunday Night. Thank you!!

    12. Posted at 2:45 PM on 10/11/2010 by hailey:
    Do you have the history of former Djays, like The Bonney Prince Charlie& John Bandie{ Lord Fotlouroy}?

    13. Posted at 4:10 PM on 10/28/2010 by curtis brown:
    Where can we get a vintage sound clip of the late Georgie Woods the man with the goods morning show Wake up Philadelphia from the late 70's playing to the tune: It's a beautiful morning? Georgie Woods the man with the goods telling you to drive to stay alive cause the life you save just might be your own.

    14. Posted at 9:24 PM on 11/25/2010 by sherri collins:
    I would like to know where I can get a copy of Georgie Woods and his girls album from

    15. Posted at 8:05 PM on 1/25/2011 by Sammy:
    I live in Maryland near Washington DC but I listen to WDAS Sunday Night Dance Party everytime I travel home from Atlantic City NJ two to three times a month. PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH A WAY OF OBTAINING BY BUYING OR DOWNLOADING THE EXTRAORDINARY REMIX OF THE SONG COOL JERK BY THE CAPITOLS. I brag to all of my friends in Maryland, Washington, DC and New York City about how great your remix of eth song Cool Jerk by the Capitols as an example of how great teh Sunday Night Dance Party really is but I have no way of proving my point. Please advise.

    16. Posted at 8:07 PM on 1/25/2011 by Sammy:
    I live in Maryland near Washington DC but I listen to WDAS Sunday Night Dance Party everytime I travel home from Atlantic City NJ two to three times a month. PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH A WAY OF OBTAINING BY BUYING OR DOWNLOADING THE EXTRAORDINARY REMIX OF THE SONG COOL JERK BY THE CAPITOLS. I brag to all of my friends in Maryland, Washington, DC and New York City about how great your remix of eth song Cool Jerk by the Capitols as an example of how great teh Sunday Night Dance Party really is but I have no way of proving my point. Please advise.

    17. Posted at 5:32 PM on 2/1/2011 by Monica (Lewis) Hodge:
    I was born and raised in Philly. As a teen and young adult WDAS was the only station we listened to. I now tune in by way of the internet. I appreciate the internet connection because I am living in GA with no R&B station in the area. Please keep up the good work.

    18. Posted at 7:18 AM on 3/13/2011 by eric taylor:
    dear mr.t.brown,could please e.mail me the name of the artist who wrote your theme background instrumental version of quite storm? no one know's but is familar of piece. i'm 54 and been trying to find out since i was 24.i'm serious Mr.Brown. I would appreciate that a great blessing... Eric

    19. Posted at 12:48 PM on 3/16/2011 by Ann:
    This is really out there but here goes!I am searching for a song played on the Thursday night/Quiet Storm/Love Songs/Tony Brown;circa 2006. I think the artist is the O'Jays.This period in 2006 was prior to Tony's leave when Patty Jackson was the fill in and asked listeners for their prayers for him and his family.He may have been ill it was never divulged.I have been searching for some time now without resolve.If the playlists of this period could be supplied I can continue my search,however any form of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    20. Posted at 2:34 PM on 3/23/2011 by steve west:
    You can hear a small sample of WDAS 1973 on my stevations youtube channel. Labor Day weekend 1973

    21. Posted at 4:44 AM on 3/27/2011 by jonathan:
    i have a copy of Georgie Woods & his Girls fab compilation j_r_lowe@hotmail.com

    22. Posted at 4:26 PM on 4/9/2011 by Herschell Redmond:
    Does anyone know if there are any samples of the show Lord Fauntleroy(John Bandy)the "Lord of Rhyme" had when he was on the air? He was my favorite.

    23. Posted at 4:30 PM on 4/9/2011 by Herschell Redmond:
    Is Jimmy Bishop still alive today?

    24. Posted at 12:13 PM on 6/24/2011 by Jim Flagg:
    In 1970 (or so) WDAS had an award winning commentator that had little one-minute comments on things. Does anybody know his name? He was just great! At that time in history WDAS ruled my world! It was exciting, edge of your seat theater that was so exciting and edgy you couldn't wait to turn it on. Some of the things that were said and played were so fun and unexpected. I believe it was My Father's Son (I think) once chinged a cash register when he heard Hy-Lit coming. You could feel thru the air waves the tension that must have been going on. Oh how I wish we had true radio art like that today. Does ANYBODY have any vintage clips from that period? I have a few tapes of late night WMMR from "71" and "72" that are just fantastic as well. Thank You WDAS for standing in with US!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Posted at 11:17 PM on 8/13/2011 by skip:
    i used to dance on canteen 17 after school. please tell me where i can buy or see those tapes of myself and my fellow dancers. my wife would love to see those tapes. georgie woods was the sponsor. thanks

    26. Posted at 2:59 PM on 8/25/2011 by Gary:
    10. Posted at 3:25 PM on 9/18/2010 by Ken: I remember commentaries by Mitch Gilbert. I worked at WDAS from 1977 to 1996 in the engineering dept. and one of my assignments was to record programs. For additional information about WDAS you can visit wdashistory.org.

    27. Posted at 7:32 PM on 8/29/2011 by Paul Kanagie:
    I'm looking for something played by Stepheon Leon about Nixon. I thought I heard it announced it was read my John Greenflag Williams, but it's been a long time. It was anti-Nixon, of course. I was hooked on My Fathers Son. Listened every night

    28. Posted at 10:18 PM on 9/22/2011 by Stephen Leon (My Father's Son):
    The commentator was Mitch Gilbert, a publisher, freedom fighter, publisher of the Psycedelphia underground newspaper 1967/68 ish

    29. Posted at 5:35 PM on 5/25/2012 by Theresa:
    Why don't WDAS have a list of all their music they play on the radio especially the long and the remake versions of the 70's R&B music to look at and or to have available to listeners

    30. Posted at 2:00 AM on 8/6/2012 by Kenny Gee:
    THANKS for the old days, WDAS home of, woods-fauntleroy-butterball and many more. Kenny GEE

    31. Posted at 10:47 AM on 10/31/2012 by SOLO MONT:

    32. Posted at 12:36 PM on 1/6/2013 by Kathy bell:
    What is the background music played by Tony browns Sunday afternoon jazz brunch thats between his Introduction of songs. Please let me know!

    33. Posted at 3:35 PM on 2/20/2013 by David:
    re comment # 7: A year-and-a-half after you posted said comment, Stephen, not only do I say, "Amen to THAT!", but today marks the one-month anniversary of Barack Obama's second term as the President of the United States. As for Butterball (Butter, for short), passed away on July 27, 2012.

    34. Posted at 5:03 PM on 4/21/2013 by Danni:
    Just want, to know if John Bandy aka (Lloyd Fauntleroy is still around. Love him ,as a teen going to Uptown theater in the 60's. Those were the good ole days.

    35. Posted at 6:14 AM on 8/26/2013 by R. Mori:
    I remember that night in '71 well. The record scratch, a night full of dead air followed the next day by a 10 minute cart tape full of odd sounds with an eerie voice alluding to "something new" looped over and over for a day or more. When they came back for real the DJ's were different but the music was rock and some funk, not too different from the old sound. R&B only came in as they phased out the rock over several months. Despite the gradual change, when the original DJ's moved to WMMR, so did the old audience. BTW: The DJ's claimed they walked out in protest over one fired DJ and the enforcing of the FCC "warning". WDAS said they were all fired. FYI: There never was any legal FCC anti-drug rule, just a threat. There is a more up to date version of this page at Wikipedia, but it has little more about this episode.

    36. Posted at 7:33 PM on 12/23/2013 by Bill G:
    I always remember the old classic jazz song that sounded like the guy was yodeling, and I cannot think of the name of that song. Someone help me please... i first started listening to it in the 70's but it's a timeless classic. You guys still play it.

    37. Posted at 10:04 PM on 1/10/2014 by Anon:
    TO #36: Leon Thomas (with Pharoah Sanders), "The Creator Has A Master Plan"--era of about 1970-1971.

    38. Posted at 10:07 PM on 1/10/2014 by Anon:
    What is the song title (and artist) which Tony Brown plays at his midnight Transition? What is "Brown In Space"?

    39. Posted at 1:45 PM on 1/14/2014 by Kelli:
    Opus 1 by Mondre then into Overture by Average White Band

    40. Posted at 7:34 AM on 6/10/2014 by Ellis B Feaster:
    I've posted some of my old WDAS-FM air checks on You Tube, including this one of Georgie Woods from over 30 years ago: http://youtu.be/YbHIWqxJIB8

    41. Posted at 2:54 AM on 6/29/2014 by Shell William:
    What is the name of the artist(s) who sang this song with the lyrics,: "Happy feelings are the only thoughts we know",or : "I can take you where you never thought you'd go, and nobody has to know"."Welcome to the carnival....". Who or what group sang this song? WDAS played this song frequently in the afternoons. In the 1980's.

    42. Posted at 2:04 PM on 7/1/2014 by Mike:
    The midnight "Transition" is a combination of songs that begins with the opening of "Leaving This Planet" by Charles Earland. It also incorporates a piece of The Brothers Johnson's "Rocket Countdown". It then moves into Mandré's "Interlude" with a voice overlay of the Genie's intro and Tony's monologue. It all ended with the activation of the "Soft Machine" and the beginning of Jermaine Jackson's "Castles Of Sand". The Mitch Gilbert editorials were usually backed by either MFSB - "My Mood" or Santana - "Tales Of Kilimanjaro". The editorials always ended with "The owners manual to the human being is built in."

    43. Posted at 10:08 AM on 2/11/2015 by denny:
    always loved hearing My Fathers Son and his intro tune, Third Stone From The Sun

    44. Posted at 1:58 AM on 2/26/2015 by BJ:
    Like Liz Marshall #5 I too am looking to find out the name of the song, and the group that sang it, played on WDAS FM in the early to mid 70!s the chorus was He lifted up His hands and said, "Let there be Sunshine, let there be peace, let there be happiness, Let there be Love... I've been racking my brain for some time now. Female lead (I think)

    45. Posted at 8:04 AM on 2/26/2015 by BJ:
    In addition to my previous comment & link to q.#5 Asking if anyone remembered this song, and group from the 70's . I heard this on Philadelphia, PA WDAS FM 105.3. All I could recollect of the song was: "He lifted up Hs hands and said... (Chorus repeat) Le-e-et there be Sunshi-i-ne, Le-e-et there be pe-e-eace, Le-e-et there be hap-pin-ess, Le-e-et there be Lo-ve... Thinking about the intro of EWF's "That's the way of the World" song without the horn lead, but sounds like a violin instead. With female vocal lead singing ye-e-e-e-e-e-e-a-h! toward the outro over the chorus repeat sung by the background which are male, and female, if this helps at all. A real soulful R&B slow groove with a message. Someone Out there Has to remember this song besides myself and (Liz Marshall Q.#5) Please help us to find this information? I would be very grateful for I cannot get this song and melody out of my head. Thank you kindly

    46. Posted at 12:19 AM on 3/21/2015 by Joseph Haskins:
    I Remember the midnight transition in 1976 begining with Mandre's solar flight and fading into dexter wansels life on mars.correct me if im wrong

    47. Posted at 12:30 AM on 3/21/2015 by Joseph Haskins:
    I Remember the midnight transition in 1976 begining with Mandre's solar flight and fading into dexter wansels life on mars.correct me if im wrong

    48. Posted at 12:36 AM on 3/21/2015 by Joseph Haskins:
    back in the mid 70's did tony brown use theme from in the planets by Dexter Wansel and fade into solar flight by Mandre to begin Transition ?

    49. Posted at 11:48 PM on 4/19/2015 by Dr. Napoleon N. Vaughn:
    Back in the day, 1968 to be exact. that year when my book, "Who's Who In Greater Philadelphia In The Negro Community" was published, "Lord Fauntleroy," alter ego of John Bandy, had a TV talk show, beyond his management role at WDAS-FM.that socked it to his guests. Perhaps he kindly took it easy on me, because of the book's subject and the fact we had also been Howard University graduates. His ploy and hook featured a strong yet fake British accent. On WDAS radio,some thought he was white.

    50. Posted at 5:23 PM on 4/28/2015 by Kelly Lloyd:
    Looking for information on Mitch Gilbert formerly of wdas

    51. Posted at 10:29 PM on 5/10/2015 by Charlene Squires:
    I'm trying to find theme song from the 70s that was sampled from a Fred D.night- Iv been lonely. Everyone that I talk to think I imagining it but I remember hearing this song played as a little girl on your radio station. It just has different lyrics. Please help me to prove them wrong. Thank you

    52. Posted at 11:08 AM on 5/26/2015 by Aaron:
    Does anyone know the theme background song/beat for Patti Jackson's 411. It's very upeat, no lyrics just a beat/instrumental. Thanks.

    53. Posted at 7:16 PM on 7/28/2015 by Michael Rogers:
    I'm Looking For That Song With Song lyrics "He raised His hand And Said Let There Be Sunshine Let There Be Peace Let There Be Happiness played On Radio station In the 80's

    54. Posted at 10:02 PM on 7/30/2015 by ruby harrington:
    What happen 2 K.Williams,Jocko,Geogie Woods, Sir Lancalot,John Bandy,Jimmy Bishop,Carl Helm,Harvey Holiday,Louis Williams.And the record shops that blew the music? Treegoobes,Stan The Man's, Kenny Gambles,and the 1 on 40th st.if i forgot any of the legends put it 2 my memory not my heart.WDAS has played nonstop in my home(24-7) 67 yrs not much less.Then the Ball came 2 call(Butterball).

    55. Posted at 12:43 PM on 8/13/2015 by Edd Banks:
    Is there any cd of Butterball when he used to rap when he would DJ in the 60's it was cool.He should have been labeled the original rapper. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter

    56. Posted at 1:48 AM on 12/30/2015 by Urban Radio Nation:
    Some Alumni Day air checks are posted here: https://soundcloud.com/urbanradionation Also check out YouTube and the Ellis Feaster radio air checks plays. Butterball was not the original rapper. There was a very famous DJ in New York City at the time named Frankie Crocker. He was often imitated but never duplicated.

    57. Posted at 5:37 AM on 1/18/2016 by Hugh Bayard:
    Is there CDs of Mitch Gilbert commentary? Also Dr.Perry Johnson theme when he came on at 7pm.

    58. Posted at 2:58 PM on 4/21/2016 by Big Poppa Mink:
    I started listening 2 Blk radio in the late fiftys (est 1952) as a teenager I would stand outside the uptown 4 four days of the 10 days the shows would appear fought off gangs the weather so I could C the future best. a lot of groups that R no longer 2gether just made me feel so so good hearin all thoes crooners on stage 4 $2.75c there are soo many groups & singers I have witnessed on stage man soo much joy. but my main reason 2 B there was Bcause of the radio djs and that's all I wanted 2 B in life watchin butter jimmy b listenin 2 ms williams soulfinger donnie brooks georgie,larry daily ,and I mean B4 there was FM radio I just wanted 2 B on the air somewhere someday. that itch was killin me and that itch got satisfided wit unity Broadcasting (honorable mention AJ Kemp) even though I didn"t make philly radio just the fact of hangin out back stage at the uptown just the fact I got 2 intro people in the music business as I got oleder it felt soo good. when the manhattan's were 5 members.when georgie wore hot pants on stage 2 the battle of the groups and all that the radio dj was rite there from lord Fauntleroy 2 dr perry johnson and like tums 4 the tummy U know I'm good 4 ya. I have so much vinyl since late 60's 2 85 B cause record day tues & thurs I would B rite there collectin the best BLK music on the planet. so shout out 2 WZEN-FM & KATZ-FM st louis mo and all those DJs shoulders I have stood on & all of U who will stand on my shoulders some day..... MAY GOD BLESS...!!!!

    59. Posted at 2:26 PM on 5/7/2016 by Marvin Travick:
    Please advise how I may get access to Mitch Gilbert Guru Bawa CD's/taped commentary?

    60. Posted at 9:50 AM on 8/30/2016 by Marvin Friedman:
    "Too tall to get over, too wide to get around, I'm layin' down the fat sound in our town and I'm doin it pound by pound , I wanna get close to you baby closet than white on rice closet than coal on ice " Butterball .Lord Fauntleroy "The Engineer" Jocko with the Rocket Ship Show .What a time that was .You could tune in WIBG WFIL you could pick up WABC IN NYC and hear all the Stones, Beatles or Petula Clark you wanted , or switch to 'DAS and hear The Intruders Honey and The Bees and too many more local Philly artists that helped define the sound.What passes for radio today , right wing bigots , Urban Sound NPR.Almost no creativity , I'm not sure how much I would pay to have a day of my term years back

    61. Posted at 7:05 PM on 9/8/2016 by jerome:
    1972-76 the apologetic line what was the theme song, song that that played while people apologize

    62. Posted at 3:56 AM on 2/2/2017 by Brad:
    What was the name of the song, that Perry Johnson would play every night ,transitioning into 12am. His catch phrase was " gottch".

    63. Posted at 4:37 PM on 4/19/2017 by Lawrence Austin:
    In the early 80s Tony Brown would begin the "Extra Sensory Connection" with an instrumental that lead with a guitar and woodwind, and inserted a sax riff in the middle. Anyone possibly familiar with the name of this song? Thank you!

    64. Posted at 8:07 AM on 5/31/2017 by Steve:
    That song they can't remember is by caston and majors. Peace is the only everlasting joy.that's not the name of the song

    65. Posted at 11:41 PM on 6/29/2017 by Denise:
    How can I get copies of wdas 60'70's Sunday night air show with butter ball

    66. Posted at 1:16 AM on 7/17/2017 by Assante Southerland:
    WDAS is the best R&B Station in Philly and do you know what I miss? I miss WDAS was worth listening to and I miss the Michael Baisden show. Unlike today the music and the radio for me and the people are listen to will never be the same. And I wish we can go back to the years when WDAS Plays good music. I wish the old WDAS could play good music again just like it used to be.

    67. Posted at 10:16 AM on 8/6/2017 by Eve:
    What was the title/theme song of theLouise Williams Bishop Gospel Show during the 1960's?

    68. Posted at 5:21 PM on 8/18/2017 by Joyce Gee:
    Who on WDAS played" Searching "by Luther Vandross on Fridays at 7:00

    69. Posted at 8:27 PM on 10/12/2017 by Pam Stevens:
    I grew up in philly and loved wdas. I have been trying desperately to get the name of the song louise williams played at the end of her show. Something along the lines of i've got a long dusty road ahead of me. Please let me know the name and artist.

    70. Posted at 1:21 PM on 10/17/2017 by bob domanico:
    Dear Tony, would love to know what the name of your talkover song is. Love your show. Thanks

    71. Posted at 11:42 PM on 10/30/2017 by Nancy Huston:
    I worked at WDAS-fm, was hired by Steve Leon (“My Father’s Son”). I did the news. It was a very hot time prior to the huge anti-war match on Washington of 1970. I worked mainly during Ed Sciaky’s show. As the building held both the AM and FM sides, Hy Lit was in and out, Georgie Woods, Butterball...and others. There were also Black Panthers there at times and they were not very friendly, I have to say. I had the amazing experience of having to call the Panthers in Chicago where they were penned down by cops in s building, that big shootout. I don’t know who I was on the phone with, but it was a steady stream of invective and gunshots. A number of people were killed. It was a really bizarre and violent recording and difficult to air because of the FCC and the profanity. This was a very exciting time to be part of that scene at my young age. I quit shortly before Steve Leon’s dad pulled the plug on his programming. Given today’s music, it’s almost quaint that he got into trouble for playing Arlo Guthrie’s “Coming into Los Angeles.” I will also say this about that time, though...as a young female, I felt unsafe around some of the men there. I was asked to go into a sound booth once to record a commercial for some head shop or something - it was called the Purple Plum on Glensidr Ave., Glenside, Pa. While I was reading copy into the mic, the door opened behind me and someone put his hands on me. I was completely stunned and mortified as this guy was mauling me. I was so young and had no idea what to do but to keep pulling away and trying to get through the commercial so I could get out fast. I was very embarrassed, and left immediately. When I came in the next day, as I walked through the hall there were guys going by laughing and making comments - they’d all had fun listening to me get molested in the sound booth, that was obvious. I did quit very soon after that.

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