History of Philadelphia radio station 800 WTMR (Beasley Broadcast Group)

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    1. Posted at 7:36 PM on 6/15/2009 by ALAN CAMPBELL:
    Tommy Roberts et al bought WKDN. Must have been around 1967...Hired ex 'CAU DJ Bill Bircher and booked him for morning drive and afternoon drive. Lee Scott, Alan Campbell, Dave Shayer, Larry Litwin were early hires. Dean Tyler replaced Campbell who was acting PD and PSA program manager. Campbell went to WFLN.

    2. Posted at 11:40 PM on 10/13/2014 by David:
    WTMR was originally WKDN-AM and a daytime station. WKDN-AM and -FM were both MOR. Tommy Roberts bought the AM in the summer of 1968 and changed it to its current call letters, which originally stood for Roberts' full name Thomas M. Roberts. At the same time, Family Radio bought the FM and switched it to a religious format, retaining the WKDN call letters. In the spring of 2012, Merlin Media bought WKDN from Family Radio (one has to only think back to news events of that time and of the previous year to know why and converted it to talk station WWIQ "iq 106.9" ("IQ" standing for "intelligence quotient," by the way). Last fall, it changed call letters to WKVP and format to the Contemporary Christian-music network K-LOVE.]

    3. Posted at 3:54 PM on 5/11/2015 by David:
    BTW, WKDN increased form 1kw to its current 5kw power output in the early Seventies and changed from MOR to its current religious format in 1975. It was granted a license for nighttime operation in the Eighties. Concurrent with the aforementioned format change at the earliest, WTMR was purchased by Gore Broadcasting, which in turn sold the station to current owner Beasley Broadcasting.

    4. Posted at 4:26 PM on 5/11/2015 by David :
    With the format change to religious programming, WTMR changed the meaning of its call letters. Instead of the "TMR" part standing for "Thomas M. Roberts," the entire WTMR callsign now stands for "Where the Master Reigns."

    5. Posted at 8:21 AM on 1/18/2019 by cynthia jenkins:
    Love Bible Trivia please review call in number more often for new listeners

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