History of Philadelphia radio station 91.7 WKDU (Drexel University)

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    1. Posted at 9:41 PM on 11/6/2009 by bryon henry:
    Back in the early to mid 70's, WKDU was outstanding listening. Especially mid morning to early evening on Sunday's. What a privilege and a joy. I am now in church during those hours.., what a privilege, what a joy!

    2. Posted at 1:18 PM on 3/3/2010 by Lamont CJ:
    I remember the 70's with Bro. Nacir and his "Black Experience in Music" programming which featured avante garde artists of the time like Ornette Coleman, Gary Bartz, Maxanne and many others. What a time for musical expression.

    3. Posted at 9:07 AM on 3/26/2010 by Joey K.:
    I listened back in the 70's and I remember Saturday afternoon and all the greatest hip-hop you could cram into 4 hours. Mixin', scratchin, ...oh man!!!!

    4. Posted at 8:06 AM on 5/30/2010 by Bruce Scott:
    Don't forget the station that shared time with WKDU, WPWT (debuted 1950; surrendered license c. late 1980s). I am an alumnus of both stations. For more info, google "History of Philly FM" by Pirate Jim. WPWT was also the first non-commercial Disco-formatted station in the country (Google "RJ," who called it one of the ten best disco stations in history), switching to Top 40 in early 1980. I did Top 40, Classic Rock (I believe I pioneered the format in 1978!) and an ethnic program on WKDU, overl

    5. Posted at 12:47 AM on 1/2/2011 by Michelle Gunn:
    I no longer live in Philly. I have very fond memories of WKDU from the 70's. The Black Experience in Music programming that ran on the weekends. Listened each and every weekend. Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and more. Brother Lloyd Dickerson and more..Is he still in the Phila area.

    6. Posted at 11:57 PM on 10/25/2011 by Dan Edwards:
    I remember listening to WKDU (Drexel Univ. Radio) in 1977 and hearing some good produced liners and jingles and Top 40 music with DJ's such as Ed Cain, Todd Doren, etc. It was great because there wasn't a lot of interuptions and you heard some more obscure Top 40.

    7. Posted at 2:43 PM on 12/12/2011 by Stacy Turner:
    I remember listening to WKDU-FM from my home in Upper Darby when I was in High School in 72 and 73. Loved Saturday's with Top Jock Jay Meyers, I remember he actually made a personal appearance and emceed a fundraising marathon at our school. He played all the latest top 40 hits and was very fun to listen to. I think the station did Top 40 all day on Saturday in the early seventies

    8. Posted at 3:19 PM on 5/7/2012 by Shelly daughter of Sheri Hart:
    I spent many days on the campus of Drexel with my mother (Sheri Hart) who worked at WKDU. Although she passed away at the age of 43, being exposed to the quality of music that was played in the yearly 70's is the reason why my daughter has such a love for music herself. I've passed down those roots to my children that were exposed to me.

    9. Posted at 12:25 AM on 9/9/2012 by Russell Jones:
    I remember Shari and Shelly Hart. Most of us (the Black Experience of Music of WKDU 1970's through 1980). The B. E. ran 10 pm Friday night through 02:15pm Monday. Shari did news and poetry. Shelly did promos and ids. They were apart of a respected well produced weekend Jazz music, news, interviews and community service set of programs that most of the Philadelphia Black Community and music professionals listened to. Russell Jones

    10. Posted at 9:57 PM on 3/7/2013 by Melanie:
    I had the wonderfully rich experience DJ-ing for the 'Black Experience' 1977-79. I wholly enjoyed the entire team, our musical and community guest and charter and I am a richer, more enlightend person for the experience. Each year we had an amazing community celebration on Penn Relay weekend- great food, music and fun. My most meomrable interview was with the late Gil Scot-Heron.

    11. Posted at 6:08 PM on 9/26/2013 by Charles michael lane:
    This is charles Michael lane phase 3 of the black experience in music. Oh what a joy it was to be connected with a great group of talented folks who were not only smart but very nice. Oh how I miss those days. It was a joy to have shared my spirt with yours.and always may peace' be with you.

    12. Posted at 6:12 AM on 11/1/2013 by Nadim Sulaiman Ali:
    Peace to everyone. I was a small part of the B.E. through the Western Islamic Broadcasting Network with Bro. Nasir. I use to listen to some of the old timers like Tuffy and others when I was in High school. The real sound of Philadelphia was heard at stations like WKDU and WRTI. It set the stage for other musical genres, spoken word and neo soul.

    13. Posted at 1:44 PM on 2/16/2014 by norman thomas:
    What wonderful memories of all the music and air personalities I remember from KDU during the mid to late 70's. As I am typing, Love from the Sun by Roy Ayers, which played during station ID breaks, is playing in my head.

    14. Posted at 1:46 PM on 5/1/2014 by jeffrey green:
    what a glorious time. "kdu" and "das" in the 70's and into the 80's were undeniably trailblazers of progressive radio. I would stack them against any other programming coming out new York, la, or anywhere else in between.

    15. Posted at 8:18 AM on 8/17/2014 by mlk:
    The Black Experience in music on WKDU was the most inventive programming ever in black radio...I was in high school when it was on and the music and the stations program was wonderful it introduced me to speaches of Malcolm X, poetry , MaxAnn, Doug Carne,Mandre,and other great artist who are not well known...i would kill for any old tape of WKDU

    16. Posted at 3:54 PM on 4/26/2016 by Frank R:
    Sheri was my heart,she turned me on to wkdu and the black experience. She enhanced my music repertoire. I will always love her. Shelly please contact me

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